Visita a Tata

Venite a Tata, dove si trovano il castello del ré, palazzi storici, aree protette e ci sono un sacco di monumenti interessanti. Con Happy Train ti facciamo vedere entro 50 minuti la "Cittá delle Acque". Cerca a Tata il trenino rosso e viaggia con noi!

Route of our Happy Train in Tata:


from spring to autumn, every day between 10 and 18 o'clock hourly (for exact time, please contact us

Must-see Attractions in Tata:

  • Old Castle and Old Lake
  • Esterházy Castle
  • English Garden
  • Calvary Hill and Open-air Geological Museum
  • Museums (Museum of Kuny Domokos, Museum of Greco-Roman Statues)

Programs at Tata and its surroundings:

  • Water sports (dragon boat, kayak, canoe, boating)
  • Hiking (bicycle trips, hiking in Gerecse)
  • Adventure Park
  • Golf
  • Eco Village
  • Water-Music-Flowers Festival
  • Baroque Festival
  • Old Lake Big Fishing Festival
  • Patara Festival (historical festival)
  • Wild Goose Festival
  • Porcinkula
  • Horse Festival on St. George Day
  • Family Day at Fényes
  • Minimarathon